Silicon Valley Coin-ACCESS a high-growth asset class, alongside tier-one venture capital funds.

Silicon Valley Coin [SVC]

Andra Capital is a late-stage, pre-IPO, technology growth fund where investors can choose to invest traditionally with an optional liquidity feature. Our objective is to provide investors with significant capital appreciation over a shorter period of time than commonly found with traditional venture capital funds.

NameSilicon Valley Coin




Start DateN/A

End DateN/A

Soft Cap1,000,000,000USD

Hard Cap1,000,000,000USD

AcceptingBTC, ETH, Fiat

Initial PriceUSD 1



Token Supply1000000000

Circulating SupplyN/A

KYCKYC & Whitelist

Restricted AreasPermitted only


White PaperWhite Paper

TRIPLE APPEAL in deal selection

The optimal opportunity to capture appreciation now presents itself prior to IPO.

Changes to the VC ecosystem have fragmented an asset class and provided unprecedented access to LPs – a privilege traditionally held exclusively by top tier VCs.

Access to the best venture opportunities is largely contingent upon existing networks in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Non-traditional funding sources have opportunities to invest at an advantaged times in companies’ life cycles.

Invest with CONFIDENCE

The Andra Capital network consists of top-tier VCs, company executives, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, accountants, and bankers, which grants access to a steady deal flow of top-tier investments. This is essential, as the declining number of IPOs per year requires a consistent deal flow of high-ROI opportunities.

Co-invest alongside the largest Silicon Valley VCs in pre-IPO technology companies.

Option to resell, in accordance with applicable laws, and realize investment returns without typical waiting period of 7-10 years.

Haydar Haba
Managing Partner
Paul Tuan
Managing Director

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