Mythos-A Preferred Stock Offering Represented by a Blockchain-based Security Token

Mythos [MYT]

Our offer is Series A Preferred Stock represented by a Blockchain-based Security Token Offering. With traditional securities, it usually takes at least seven years for investors to see a return from a startup investment. But with a token security purchased with a discount, investors may see a return in as little as two years or less — or hold to see even more potential opportunities for growth and dividends.





Start Date2018/06/01

End Date2018/06/30

Soft Cap500,000USD

Hard CapN/A

AcceptingETH, Fiat

Initial Price$1/one token



Token Supply1000000000

Circulating SupplyN/A


Restricted AreasN/A


White PaperWhite Paper

Gramarye Media and its board will make every good faith effort to ensure that additional tokens are released only when we have confidence that the new productions will raise the value of the existing tokens sufficiently to offset any potential dilution effects.

At the end of each fiscal year in which Gramarye Media earns a net profit, owners of all distributed tokens shall have the right to vote to either declare a dividend of fifteen percent of all net profits, which shall be distributed in the form of bonus tokens or cash.

Tokens will be placed on as many exchanges as possible to ensure maximum value and tradability.

Gramarye Media will cooperate with all broker-dealers officially registered to trade tokens when investors are able to resell Mythos tokens on the open market (one year after initial investment/purchase per SEC Rule 144).

Sufficient Ethereum gas will be added to the smart contracts to ensure smooth operations and rapid transactions.

Token Benefits for Partners and Companies Doing Business with Gramarye Media

Companies and partners that have purchased Mythos Tokens may use them in lieu of cash when doing business with Gramarye Media. The tokens will be honored at the present market value at the time of the transaction, regardless of the purchase price, with a “floor” of the original issue price.

To offer a hypothetical example, say a streaming partner owes Gramarye Media $10,000 in residuals. That company purchased Mythos Tokens at the issue price of $1, but at the time of the business transaction, the tokens are trading at $2. That company may pay Gramarye $10,000 in cash or may return 5,000 Mythos Tokens — effectively giving themselves a 50 percent discount. The partner company may use any combination of cash or tokens at its sole discretion.

Companies holding at least 500,000 Mythos Tokens have prioritized access to Gramarye content, intellectual property, and services.

Pre-release SAFE Sale Date

$1/one token with a discount of 30 percent.


$1/one token

John Adcox
Chief Executive Officer
Alice Neuhauser
Don Dudenhoeffer
Chief Creative Officer
Irtaza Barlas
Chief Technology Officer
Marcus Rodriguez
Chief Operating Officer
Lou Aronica
Christopher Golden
Senior Creative Executive & Development Editor
Arthur Stepanyan
Executive Director, Blockchain
Suresh Sharma
Business Advisor

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