MillionCoin – Cryptocurrency Which Support Global Trading System

MillionCoin [MON]

One Million Shop is a place like no other on the Internet. You can buy here products and services settling the payments in cryptocurrencies. If you are a seller, you can settle your goods or services in cryptocurrencies or in a traditional way. If you are a buyer, you can pay for them without the necessity of exchanging cryptocurrencies into traditional legal tenders. Thanks to the MillionCoin token your shopping will become easier, faster and cheaper.





Start Date2018/02/18

End Date2018/12/19

Soft CapN/A

Hard CapN/A

AcceptingETH, BTC

Initial Price 1 MON = 0.000266 ETH



Token SupplyN/A

Circulating Supply 75%


Restricted AreasN/A


White PaperWhite Paper

We plan to launch a system of comprehensive services gathering in one place innovative and unused so far areas of the cryptocurrency market to enable their use in everyday life. As part of several platforms connected in one system, you will be able to:

・sell goods and services for cryptocurrencies,

・to automate commercial processes,

・use dedicated software,

・exchange cryptocurrencies,

・take advantage of legal and tax and accounting and accounting advice.

The most important step is to integrate all platforms into one complete ecosystem. Since the launch of the project, a ready solution has emerged on the market that will enable us to carry out transactions within the ecosystem 200 times faster and with a lower commission than with the Ethereum Platform!

Krzysztof Perek
CEO at One Million Group
Marcin Walkowski
CEO at AT.Systems
Michał Błaszczak
CSO (Chief Security Officer) at AT.Systems
Karol Starukiewicz
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at AT.Systems

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