Better Decentralized Currency [MTR/MTRG] is aimed to complete the mission of Bitcoin: 1. Create a peer to peer cash that is low volatility and long term stable in purchasing power 2. process payment transactions at lightning speed with instant finality.




Start DateN/A

End DateN/A

Soft CapN/A

Hard CapN/A


Initial PriceN/A

PlatformNative Blockchain

TypeNative Token

Token SupplyN/A

Circulating SupplyN/A


Restricted AreasN/A


White PaperWhite Paper

Meter.IO is to provide solutions to two holy grail problems in the cryptocurrency space:

1. How to create a crytpo native stable unit of account based on proven technologies (proof of work).

2. How to create a highly decentralized high performance consensus.

It is based on a new proof of value consensus that married the benefits of proof of work and proof of stake and avoided the problem in each. The result is a permissionless cryptocurrency system that is highly decentralized yet high speed, low volatility and long term stable in purchasing power.

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