IOTW-A Scalable Blockchain Protocol for IoT

IOTW is an IoT Blockchain infrastructure project using Proof of Assignment (PoA) to connect all IoT devices globally, create passive income in the form of micro-mining, and allow for the development of decentralized applications on IoT devices. Its testnet has been launched on 12th December 2018. It has been selected into 500 Startups Batch 24 Accelerator Program.





Start Date2019/03/31

End DateN/A

Soft CapN/A

Hard Cap20,000,000 USD

AcceptingUSD, ETH, BTC

Initial Price1 IOTW = 0.055 USD



Token Supply2560000000

Circulating SupplyN/A


Restricted AreasN/A


White PaperWhite Paper

IOTW’s a free software that can be downloaded and run by any smart and connected device (IoT device). No additional hardware and minimal electricity cost is needed. Once activated, it allows the device to join our IOTW blockchain ecosystem and start mining. You can spend the IOTW coins you mined later on our online outlet mall. Just download our software onto your IoT device and activate it and you are mining already. Simple and easy.

Our algorithm is called the “Proof of Assignment” and is a fair game for all IoT devices. Every device has an equal chance to get rewards. Mining rewards do not depend on computational power or how many coins you already own. Since each device has an equal chance, the more devices you have, the more rewards you get. So far most of the other IoT projects are not deployable in large quantities because of their demand for high computational power and high costs. But the IOTW blockchain software doesn’t need additional hardware, nor do we consume a lot of power. And it can run on very simple IoT devices, so IOTW is the true blockchain technology that can be deployed and adopted by the mass IoT market.

The IOTW blockchain aims to serve every corner of the world where there is an IoT device. Well some countries have laws forbidding the use of cryptocurrencies. For such countries we apologize that our services will not cover, so as to stay as a law-obeying corporate citizen.

Private Sale: Bonus 25%
Fred Leung
Founder & CEO
Marcin Dudar
Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer
Tony Chan
Founder & CFO
Peter Chan
Founder & CTO
Patrick Hung

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