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Creditcoin [CCOIN]

The Flatlay marketplace supports the global democratization of commerce with technology. The team’s focus is on making e-commerce monetization accessible to anyone by removing the borders & restrictions for global participation using the Creditcoin token. The blockchain-based network enables content creators, brands & publishers to interact securely without restriction versus the legacy marketplace infrastructures & regulations of today.

Name Creditcoin




Start Date2018/09/01

End Date2018/12/31

Soft Cap 3,004 ETH

Hard Cap 40,000 ETH

AcceptingETH, BTC, USD

Initial PriceN/A



Token Supply70000000

Circulating Supply70%


Restricted AreasN/A


White PaperWhite Paper

CCOIN Global Affiliate Program

Brands & merchants leverage FLIC’s within the Flatlay Connect workflow management system to integrate products into the network with the ability to hire content creators for promotions. The system provides users an opportunity to promote goods within posts & collections to earn commission on sales with the potential to be additionally compensated on campaign promotions. The affiliate network is specifically designed for brands & merchants utilizing user generated content & a community of advocates to maximize sales. The platform allows everyone to benefit from an easy to access network of influential creators, up & coming brands, independent craft makers, corporate retailers & premium publishers.

Flatlay Interactive Cards (FLIC’s)

Flatlay Interactive Cards (FLIC’s) are a proprietary feature allowing users to directly increase the value associated with a published FLIC by binding collections of shoppable products embedded with an invisible mark & unique link supporting affiliate revenue from sales generated. As users & publishers disburse FLIC’s across social media & the web, visibility & the interactions increase the social value & monetization potential behind each FLIC.

Instant Access Debit Card

1. User is issued a physical or virtual Flatlay debit card linked to their account wallet

2. Card contains $0 at all times

3. User swipes card or phone via mobile wallet to pay for purchase

4. Transaction is passed to our server in real-time

5. Server validates which fiat currency is being requested (USD, EUR etc.)

6. Flatlay validates user account has sufficient balance of ccoin to cover purchase

7. CCOIN is then sold for the exact amount incorporating conversion fee of requested fiat

8. Fiat is simultaneously moved onto the debit card in that exact amount

9. Transaction is approved

10. Card balance returns to $0

Social Contributions

Users earn additional ccoin by promoting Flatlay Interactive Cards (FLIC’s). If an influencer or user believes their following or audience would be interested in a particular item, they choose to promote the goods within a collection appended to a Flatlay Interactive Card. Another member may choose to purchase the item or add it to their collection to promote. In exchange for driving sales, the original content creator inspiring the purchase is rewarded in CCOIN with the established affiliate percentage supplied by the merchant stocking the product.

  • Days 1-2 – 20%
  • Phase 1 – 15%
  • Phase 2 – 10%
  • Phase 3 – 7,5%
  • Phase 4 – 5%
Ali Sammour
Founder & CEO
Morteza Nokhodian
Founder CTO
Yasir Hossain
Founder UXUI Architect
Tony Chaw
Full Stack Solidity Developer
Sandra Rausch
Marketing & Community Relations
Thomas Marchesello

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